Teacher Bio

The real teacher is in the air, in the silence, in the sound.  It is within your heart and mind and in every cell of your body. I am trying to be more in this natural state, like all the rest of us. We each are trying in our own ways.  Even if it feels like we are just busy keeping up with our life, we move towards our natural stat of joy when less bothered or fussing.

Just setting aside some time to explore this as a stand-alone project can take a little nudging and  inspiring pointers from others. I can pass on some of the pointers I have  received and worked with.

From a 20+ year music carer I have learned that practice and resonance leads to an unfolding of  subtle awareness that can become as real as any physical or  “obvious” knowledge, whether you put spiritual labels on it or not.

From five years with Venerable Samu Sunim, Korean Zen master I learned about being still – actually doing it, not just talking about it or thinking about it. The silence and simple chanting has something deep  to offer that we miss due to our preoccupations with social issues, sensory stimulation and intellectual intrigue.  Our pain is there too, so we do our best, little by little.

Through one year with Mangala Anshumati and Mother Meera I was initiated into direct experiences of peace and light so as to have view of what  we are truly longing for.

From one year in teacher training with Jivasu Dr. Pradep Kumar  I learned about the meeting of  science and mindfulness resulting in wellness expressed in our  bodies. brain and feeling.

From two years with Chogyam Trungpa’s offerings,  training with  Shambhala International I learned about the basic goodness of what we are made of, what non-aggressiveness means , how to be genuine with others, and maintaining a connection with true magic while moving about in ordinary activities.

In general, the world of Buddhism has taught me how to be organized and realistic in  cultivation, and practical ways to move forward that take ethics and one’s whole life into account as part of meditation. The world of Dharma from India in general has opened up a world of colour, aliveness and devotion. Sitting in a small village with devout practitioners who also have householder lives reveals much.

By studying Indian Classical Kathak dance with Joanna Desouza for five years, and participating in Indian yoga practices I have explored the world of devotion, delight and discipline, dancing and singing towards happiness.

The time  spent with these and other teachers are detailed on the Practice With Gary web site.

India pics are here.

Some music and video works are here.

You can write me at g@revsound.ca.


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