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We assemble in a peaceful, light mood. We try to set aside our habitual postures and concerns. We rise above our drama and lighten our load to dissolve our obstacles naturally.  It starts by slowing down and maintaining a simple task. We begin to notice an uplifting healing force that comes with light, steady concentration. Sitting in silence […]

  Our being is an echo of the whole universe. Mind and body are deeply interactive. How to be a human being? Do you want a doctor who seems to neglect their own body?  A president who can’t stand up straight? We want to be our best selves. Moving towards strength, balance and suppleness in […]

Our voice is one of the ways we articulate our unfolding. Sound is the resonance of interaction,with each other and with the divine. Something beyond concept and thinking happens when we make  sound.  It communicates with our heart and ordinary emotional levels and links to divine levels, whatever that means for you. It doesn’t matter […]